The greatest sales deck someone else has ever seen


According to Andy Raskin, the greatest sales deck has five elements. In this post, I'll present an adapted version. In line with the rest of this blog, I'll give an example of selling a programming language which is not Blub to a company, the newer language is called Y. Assume that the company is fine with language Blub because, well, everything is written in Blub and all the employees know Blub.

  1. Name a big and relevant change in the world

Not moving saves energy and is what you and I like to do. To get the listener moving, show that the world around them is changing. For example:

  1. Show that there will be losers and winners

Next, show that this change in the world is affecting their world:

  1. Tease the promised land

Transition from the big picture to the thing you're selling. Don't move to fast, or you lose the audience.

  1. Introduce features as "magic gifts" for overcoming obstacles to the promised land

The big solution has been presented, but now the listener wants to know how to do that difficult thing. Luckily, you are there with the solution already:

  1. Present evidence that you can make the story come true

Listeners are now likely to be skeptical about whether you can actually solve that big problem that was introduced before. Therefore, show evidence that you can really solve the problem.