Summary of Same as Ever by Morgan Housel


One of my favorite books this year has been Same as Ever: A Guide to What Never Changes by Morgan Housel. I've read some of his blog posts at Collab Fund before, so I already knew the book would be good. His writing style is simple on the surface, but at the same time surprisingly insightful. (Which is quite a feat, I wouldn't disagree if you say my academic writing has been the opposite.) Morgan also often comes up with new ideas that I've never heard before. For example, he has argued that the German army in the 1930s got so strong because they had their weapons taken away from them by the Treaty of Versailles. Thanks to the lack of old weapons, they built new and more advanced equipment from scratch.

I would recommend reading the full book since this blog post is only a summary. The benefit of the book is that it has more stories which make the information easier to remember. Having said that, here are the core ideas from the book: